'I just hope to make their day a little better.' Floral Park restaurant serves free lunch for ACDS clients

News 12 Long Island 

John Cavallo, co-owner of Sempre Fame Restaurant, welcomes clients of the Association for Children with Down Syndrome (ACDS) every winter as a way to give back to the community."I just hope to make their day a little better by having them come in here and spending some time with them," Cavallo says.The free lunch tradition began with a chance meeting with the group a decade ago when there were only 15 clients. Now, Cavallo is serving 110 people.Kerri Ann O'Brien says Cavallo's hospitality makes her feel appreciated for who she is."He does this because he's so generous, especially to other special-eds because other special-eds are never given a chance," O'Brien says.Cavallo says the free lunch event also enriches his life."Everyone thinks they're angels and I have 110 and I get to hang out with in the course of seven days," Cavallo says. "It's a very rewarding feeling you only get by doing it."In the summer, Cavallo brings his grills to ACDS in Plainview to cater a barbecue lunch for the clients.

Service to Community & Charities

Supporting others has been an integral part of our restaurant journey.  We believe the impact of supporting local and community outreach is not just rewarding to us.  As a patron here you play one of the most important roles in lifting the spirit of others.  Your hard-earned money helps provide to all the organizations we support.  Your support is greatly appreciated on both the restaurant and community outreach fronts.

News 12 Long Island